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Making a purchase on Carpet One Floor & Home is something like buying a vehicle. It will involve a huge investment in financial. Since it comes with dozens of options on styles, brands and also colors, sometimes picking the right carpet for your house is something tricky.

The truth is the carpet’s quality is actually determined by its density, not the thickness. The appropriate pad is going to extend your carpet’s life. On the contrary, the wrong pad will cut the carpet’s life double. Thinner pads are perfect for a room with high traffic flow while the thicker one is perfect for low-traffic areas like the bedroom.

Another consideration you will need to take into account is the carpet materials and carpet warehouse. In fact, there are lots of materials of carpet available in the market from nylon, olefin, triexta to polyester.

  • Nylon – carpet places

Nylon is perfect for high traffic areas or a home with pets and kids. This is such a great selection if you want the carpet to last longer. It is also durable, resilience and also easy to care for.

  • Triexta – carpet places

Triexta Carpet One Floor & Home are made from corn sugar fiber/ it has anti-stain properties with great resilience that remain permanently. It is also a great choice if you have kids or pets at home.

  • Olefin – carpet places

Olefin carpets are inexpensive and attractive carpets that offer strength and fade resistant. The drawback is that it’s not as resilient as other materials like nylon. It also resists to the mildew, static and stains, making it a perfect choice for clean areas with high traffic like play areas or living room.

  • Polyester – carpet places

Polyester carpet comes with stain resistant properties, making it luxurious and soft underfoot. It is also available in dozens of color options. However, it is difficult to clean and not durable enough when compared to nylon carpeting.

Now, you have known the various kinds of carpet materials. This is the time for you to choose the right product that meets your needs at Carpet One Floor & Home near you.


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