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Bathroom Rugs – Buying Tips Machine-Made or Handmade Rugs?

When shopping around in rug gallery, you will see lots of bathroom rugs with different styles, patterns, motifs and also colors. As you know, not all rugs are made equal. The material type within a handmade rug really matters. Some common materials include bamboo silk, traditional silk, wool, and also cotton.  In fact, there are two kinds of rugs that you should know; handmade rugs and machine-made rugs. So what are the differences between them?

Machine rugs offer a rug which is made by using a certain machine. It offers more inexpensive prices when compared to the handmade one. It is generally mass produced and you can see whether a bathroom rugs is machined or not by looking at its fringe. The fringe is just sewn or attached at the back, whilst a handmade one is made with the fringe become rug foundation as the main part of the rug. A machine one could be perfect while the handmade show many flaws like design inconsistency, slight crookedness, and other common mistakes. They are generally made out of synthetic materials to reduce the prices.


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When it comes to a handmade bathroom rugs you often see in a rug gallery, there are also 2 types you should know; knotted and flat weave. Other types like chain-stitched, needlepoint, soumak, hooked and gun tufted rugs can also be found. The best rug is considered either which is hand knotted or hand woven.

When a rug is listed as handmade, keep in mind that you know about how it is made. Avoid choosing hooked or hand tufted rug as they are not as resilient as hand weaved or hand-knotted rugs. Therefore, the label of handmade isn’t enough for you to make such a decision. A hooked, stitched or tufted rug could be the right choice, but you should also get the detailed info of what you buy in a rug gallery. A tufted rug generally has a canvas or cloth on the back in order to put out of sight the adhesive to hold the fibers in position.


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