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Persian Rug Gallery – What to Consider When Buying a Rug Designs

Every Persian rug is unique, but getting a perfect Persian rug at Persian rug gallery is the final prize. It is easy to become overwhelmed as there are lots of patterns and types of rugs. Knowledge is always power when making a purchase on Persian rug. Knowing the details will make you be either confident or informed in what you are searching for.

The most essential thing to note in Persian rugs is the knot count. The high quality product will consist of a hundred and twenty knots per square inch. You can observe this by flipping it and looking at the knots right from the rug underside. A handmade rug is having soft backing with bigger knots to prove that it is hand woven.

A hand-woven rug you typically find in Persian rug gallery is usually made of silk, wool or the blend of them: wool-silk. A rug with a hundred percent silk has a shiny finish and rated as a great rug. On contrary, the quality of wool rug actually depends on various factors like sharing time, pasturage, and climate as well as the sheep breeds.


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Persian Rug Gallery

A conventional Persian rug is commonly made from natural dyes, so colors on the rug surface seem natural like reds from cochineal insects, blues from indigo plants, and yellow from pomegranate rinds. Synthetic dyes will evenly penetrate the fiber while the natural one will only coat the rug surface. Bending the rug is such an appropriate way to make sure whether the rug is using natural or synthetic color. If you find a slight unevenness, it is made from natural dye colors.

Now you have already informed about factors to consider when it comes to buy a Persian rug in Persian rug gallery. You are able to confine your preference based on budget, uses, and also patterns.


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