Oriental Rugs – How to Buy a Rug in the Oriental Rug Gallery?

Carpets or rugs have been woven since decades. People with the nomadic way of life developed knotting wool techniques to make a rug. As the yarns were twined altogether, it became a beautiful rug with a unique color, texture and also patterns. The Oriental rug from Oriental rug gallery is rich of red and brown hues that derived from pomegranate skin and walnut shells.

A handmade oriental rug is as valuable as a loved item in your house. A simple yet well-picked rug could make a room beautiful by setting up a particular mood and ambiance. However, every rug is different as each of them have own native character, uniqueness, and feeling. Nevertheless, when it comes to making a purchase on an Oriental rug, you may find it tricky. Below are things you should take into account especially if you are a beginner in Oriental rugs.

  • Knotting | Oriental rug gallery 

The truth is that there are lots of rug varieties in the marketplace. Take a look at the knotting before buying an Oriental rug. Don’t be mistaken about the knot as the Oriental knot is a little bit similar with Turkish knot. Take notice at the knot arrangement as the closer the knot arrangement, the higher the rug quality will be.


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  • Rug styles | Oriental rug gallery 

In addition, the designs of a rug in Oriental rug gallery fall into two style categories; tribal and workshop. Most of the tribal rugs derived from the tribe names with the rougher design. the rug is specially made for the tribe or clan. Otherwise, a workshop rug is crafted by using a rigorous system of particular designs and styles. The patterns are generally using flowery patterns than the tribal ones.

  • Get the feeling | Oriental rug gallery 

When buying a rug at a rug gallery, you can see the available rugs at the catalog. Choose a rug in the catalog and choose one that steals your attention. Read the details about the pattern, materials, motifs and also colors and then go for it.

Whatever oriental rugs you opt for, act like an expert to avoid to be fooled by the salesman. Furthermore, you should also ask for original certificate to ensure the product in Oriental rug gallery you buy is original.


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