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Rug Hooking – Finding Beautiful Design of Rug Hooking Patterns

Rug has more than thing to put on room floor. With decent skill, you can create attractive hooking patterns for decoration. It has specific theme, such as rainbow, human character, nature, forest, ocean, flower, fish and animal, even unique character. In general, rug hooking patterns are the part of decoration, but actually they are quite functional. However, people usually add this rug for hobby, even though you might purchase it at store. Few common designs are listed at below section.


  1. Nature design | rug hooking patterns

Nature pattern is the most common style at all. It is general theme where you can put into specific pattern. At school, students learn craft lesson to decorate the rug. As result, you see their ideas, such as rainbow, creek and river, mountain, sun and moon, star and sky, ocean and boat, fish and sea creature, cat and dog, bird and insects, pumpkins and sunflower, and many mores. Other theme are based on holiday and seasons like Halloween, New Year, Christmas, Spring, Winter, Autumn, and Summer.


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  1. Abstract style | rug hooking patterns

Another style in rug hooking patterns is called abstract because it does not have solid pattern. Of course, it might be similar to regular rug except you do by hand. Abstract adopts figure or form that’s improperly applied. It has fancy color combination. You can start from rainbow then let your hand takes the rest.


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  1. Special order | rug hooking patterns

Special order is different because theme is specifically created to fulfill customer’s need. It might belong to previous style, but mostly free from strict rule. For example, you may order rug with pattern that resembles your favorite singer. Children like to have cartoon character or superhero figure. With no limitation, the idea is vast to be explored for many fields. You can apply your own idea when decorating special order for rug hooking patterns.


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